SugarCRM introduced Customer Relationship Management System known as Sugar allowing business owners to boost their customer relations using this tool. It has become highly popular since its launch among various organization.
It has become recognizable with the features like open source nature, flexible, scalable, intuitive, compatible and the ease of using it. Frequent updates in the software along with the release of new version to overcome the problems have made SugarCRM the best CRM in front of  Microsoft and SalesForce.
Reasons for increasing popularity of SugarCRM over Microsoft and Salesforce
  1. It offers the functionalities in a lesser cost as compared to Microsoft and SalesForce.
  2. It allows its customers to choose their own cloud computing provider whereas Microsoft and SalesForce customers need to share a single multi-tenant database.
  3. It offers an open source CRM. On the other hand Microsoft and SalesForce does not offer open source CRMs.
  4. It is consistent and easy to use as it is packed with modern web technologies consisting of simple user-friendly interface.
  5. Its development takes less time and revenue. Its integration is very simple and easy as the SugarCRM developers can easily view and modify the core codes. Microsoft and Salesforce use black box technology through which neither you can view the codes nor you can change them.
  6. This CRM can easily be customized allowing users to create any number of custom modules. Well the case is different with SalesForce.
  7. It backups database on weekly basis keeping object relations intact. Whereas, SalesForce provides back up on monthly basis without keeping object relations intact. You need to pay for taking frequent backups.
  8. It integrates well with Gmail, Google Docs, Google calendar, Google Contacts. Microsoft is not very Google friendly.
  9. Social media integration allows you to go social in SugarCRM.
  10. It can be accessed using smart phones and tablets.
  11. With this CRM you can control the access of your data and codes. You can have more than one deployment options. Microsoft and Salesforce forces customers to upgrade to more expensive version. It cannot host data on private network and also needs to pay for the accessing codes and database.
Try SugarCRM to discover the benefits of this system and notice remarkable improvement in your productivity, revenue, sales, accuracy of reports, efficiency and marketing. It helps to streamline the sales and communication process too.